GRP moulding, prototyping, manufacturing and support

We have put together this simple slideshow to illustrate the key stages of a project from that first meeting through to product launch or release, Use the "back" and "next" arrows on the illustrations to be guided through the process.

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GRP development


Design and development in GRP is a very specific ‘science’; albeit one which is not always fully understood… utilising the tried and tested expertise at AllScope, makes sound practical and financial sense.

We can help with:-

  • Financial Feasibility
    Cost analysis, best process/value for part, financial planning
  • Design and Development of Ideas
  • Prototypes
    Tooling and first-off products
  • Stringent Testing Procedures
    Structural testing, fire testing, practical and "fit for purpose" testing
  • Project Management
    Co-ordination of all the disciplines, research and design in a structured and professional manner
  • Vetting
    Allscope manufacturing facilities are suitable for small to medium scale production, prototypes and tooling. We can vet other manufacturing facilities for suitability (i.e. location, costs, systems, capacity, quality etc)
  • Production
    Factory layout, tooling requirements, production methods, jigs, time & motion studies, training materials, quality control, health & safety, logistics.
  • Manual
    We can provide a comprehensive manual and report covering all aspects of the project from design to specifications to production, with quality assurance and health and safety considerations.

Introducing Allscope

Working alongside the tried and tested expertise of AllScope for GRP design and development, makes sound practical and financial sense.

A Dedicated Team of Experts

AllScope Projects employs an enviable team, each member of which is chosen for their extensive range of skills. They are dedicated to delivering your project on budget and on time.

They are honest, reliable, hard working and conscientious… and this is reflected in the quality of work they produce and the manner in which they produce it.

CAD Suite for Design and Product Development

AllScope has an extensive Computer Aided Design (CAD) suite, with full software support enabling us to convert any CAD format supplied by the client. We are fully capable of producing design from paper based work or 3D models.

The Finest Facilities for Producing GRP Tooling and Open Tool Products.

For closed mould applications AllScope uses the latest injection machines, and endeavour to keep fully aware of any industry-related developments. This enables clients to benefit from the most up to date equipment and industry knowledge.

Briefing & Proposal

During initial introductions; you have the opportunity to meet the person who will personally manage your project . The project will be outlined and the scope agreed upon. The scope could involve a full turnkey project, or some portion of it.

From this brief, we develop an action plan incorporating

  • The different stages
  • The time required to fulfil the brief
  • Any additional meetings that may be required
  • The costs associated with each stage.

Concept Development

Once a proposal has been agreed , AllScope will set about completing the task. We undertake as required the completion of

  • Design work, including all technical drawings
  • FEA analysis
  • Testing
  • Tooling
  • Jigs
  • Proving.

We provide regular progress reports, and advice and information on tooling requirements as needed.


When the tooling has been agreed; the prototype can be produced and delivered for a trial fit, or ‘fit for purpose’ approval. At this stage we provide a complete manual; detailing all aspects of the project if required including:

  • Development Process
  • Full Specifications
  • Potential pit falls
  • Any factors which could be relevant for the lifetime of that product
  • Information on re sourcing


The project is now be ready to be passed on to full production.

In most cases this will be done at AllScope. Alternatively we can help with sourcing the permanent manufacturing process by suggesting or vetting potential GRP moulders. Depending on requirements; these could be based in the UK or overseas.

We simply select the best people to ensure the highest standard at every stage

Blast Off

Time is money, and in today’s extremely competitive business world, speed is everything.

Anything that saves time, without compromise on standards can make a difference…the AllScope difference.

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